Business services

World-class support for organizations and their employees

Our team comprises interdisciplinary experts in global health and we have all the necessary resources to support companies and their employees who may struggle with physical health issues.

Your employees work hard and you want the best for them. Would you like to offer them VIP treatment to prevent or treat injuries or illnesses? We can develop a service adapted to your needs and your business reality to support your valued employees in the event of a problem.

We are rehabilitation and wellness specialists.

Other on-site services offered by CMSL partners.

Clinique chirurgicale de Laval — Orthopedic surgery

Private specialized orthopedic day surgery for people who want personalized service without delay in a safe environment. The Clinique chirurgicale de Laval comprises renowned surgeons and our facilities allow us to treat many types of injuries and conditions.

1 855 687-0445

Aptitude Ergo – Occupational therapy

Whether it's a mental health issue, illness, work-related injury or accident, we help workers regain their abilities and return to their personal and professional activities. These services are intended for workers wishing to improve their comfort and efficiency at work, workers with health issues, insurers, CNESST and SAAQ representatives, companies, employee assistance programs (EAP), trade unions, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

450 687-7854

Médigestal - Forensic expertise

Objective and detailed forensic expertise with the greatest respect for the people concerned and the deadlines required by law. Whether for mandates from employers, unions, insurance companies or the private sector, this team of experts fairly and objectively assesses the pathologies in question in a medico-legal context. In the event of a dispute, these medical experts can rule on the state of health of an injured person and, if necessary, defend their opinions before an administrative labour tribunal or the Superior Court of Québec.

450 688-4451