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Global Postural Re-education

Global Postural Re-education (GPR) is an individual treatment method physiotherapists have practiced for more than 40 years. GPR makes it possible to regain the necessary mobility, alignment and flexibility for efficient movements, taking the whole body into account. Helpful for people with pain, this adaptable and progressive method works for athletes, children, adults and the elderly. It consists of making gradual corrections with all structures related to the problem. During treatment, the progressive tensioning of neuromuscular coordination chains — supported by appropriate breathing and the physiotherapist’s manual work — returns affected muscles, joints or vertebrae back to an optimal position. GPR aims to reduce symptoms and improve function, while preventing joint deterioration and long-term relapses.


GPR is indicated for:

  • Pain
  • Joint dysfunctions (vertebral and peripheral)
  • Myofacial tension and related problems (e.g., tendonitis)
  • Postural or morphological problems (scoliosis, lumbar hyperlordosis, dorsal or cervico-dorsal hyperkyphosis, rolled shoulders, etc.)
  • Post-traumatic sequelae
  • Postoperative sequelae
  • And more

Our team of GPR therapists

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William Barette
Christine Grégoire
Caroline Juneau-Voyer
Danièle La Rue
Gheorghe Patru

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