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Sports or musculoskeletal medicine deals with injuries related to physical activities. Whether you’re a professional or weekend athlete, our doctors can support you with a comprehensive care process, including the help of the various experts on our team: musculoskeletal specialists, orthopedists, kinesiologists and physiotherapists.


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Post-injury return to sport
A personalized approach that takes into account your age, your physical condition and your personal and sports goals in order to establish a progressive, effective and safe exercise and strengthening program, and to avoid relapses or aggravations following an injury.


Athlete assessment and follow-up
In high performance training, every detail counts. Our philosophy is intelligent effort to obtain more results for an optimal investment in time. We can follow you at our facilities or create a remote follow-up program. Our team can also travel to your training locations for individual or group sessions, or for workshops, courses and training camps.


Getting fit
Whether it’s reducing your waistline, maintaining your motivation, becoming more consistent with training, or improving your cardiovascular and muscular capacities, a good fitness plan and professional coaching will go a long way in achieving your athletic goals. Ready to take action?


Weight control and loss
It can be difficult to know where to begin when you try to lose weight. We can help you. Our sports assessment clinic includes a nutrition component. The right exercise program with the right eating plan makes all the difference. Everyone’s metabolism is different, and surrounding yourself with fitness and nutrition experts is key to getting results. Come meet with us.


Private and semi-private training
Whatever your goals (get in shape, improve swimming, develop endurance, improve performance, develop muscle, etc.), we offer private or semi-private training programs to help you surpass yourself. Small group or individual sessions are possible according to your preference.


Personalized training programs
Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, we will be happy to create a personalized training plan to help you achieve and surpass your training goals. Our programs take into account a set of factors to offer you coaching and support that are custom-designed and adapted to your reality.


Group classes (fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, etc.)
We offer group sessions for people with physical issues or limitations. Beyond the encouragement and training effect provided by the group sessions, these classes offer exercises adapted to your condition in order to improve your flexibility, your mobility and your physical abilities, while respecting your body’s limits.

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