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Acupuncture is a therapeutic intervention derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of stimulating, usually with needles, certain specific sites on the skin, mucous membrane or subcutaneous tissue with the aim of improving or maintaining health, or relieving pain. It’s suitable for people of all ages.


To perform this treatment, the acupuncturist can use other means of stimulation such as:

  • Heat: moxibustion and heat lamp
  • Pressure: cupping, tuina massage, acupressure and pressure balls
  • Electricity: electro-acupuncture
  • Light ray: gentle laser

The points and methods of stimulation are determined by the acupuncturist according to your state of health, pain location, symptoms, palpation of the zones and meridians involved, as well as the energy balance established according to traditional Chinese medicine parameters.


Acupuncture has many benefits:


Provides both short- and long-term pain relief.


Soothing and calming effect by intervening in brain activity modulation, which acts on insomnia, stress, anxiety and mental health.


Helps restore the body’s natural balance by influencing the endocrine systems and the autonomic nervous system.


Can act on and modulate the immune system according to the body’s needs.


Lastly, acupuncture promotes the body’s repair mechanisms (helps local circulation, oxygenation, tissue regeneration and cell repair).


With its wide field of action, acupuncture can be used preventively, therapeutically or complementarity. It’s indicated for:


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