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Evaluation and positioning for cyclists

Cycling involves repetitive movements that are demanding on joints and muscles. Assessing and adjusting your overall positioning, biomechanics and technique are essential to avoid discomfort and injury. This service includes personalized recommendations based on your equipment and your training program, whether you are a weekend cyclist or a serious athlete.


A service with great added value!

  • Get personalized advice from a healthcare professional who can adjust your bike based on your posture and/or your biomechanical deficiencies
  • Avoid bad habits, injuries and discomforts
  • Build up your stamina
  • Improve your distance and speed performance
  • Lasting 90 minutes, sessions include:
    • Verification of pain as needed
    • Measurement and adjustment on the bike
    • Specific treatment as needed
    • Stretching and strengthening advice and exercises

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Gilles Gagnon, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist
Julien Valiquette, Certified Physiotherapist

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